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5 Easy Ways to Turn Your School Year Around

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Having trouble paying attention during class? Feeling like you don't have enough energy to handle your course load? Whether you are in middle school, high school, or college, the school year is about halfway over and now is when students may look back over the last few months thinking that things could have gone better. The good news: there is plenty of time to turn the school year around! Here are 5 easy ways to get you (or your child) on the path to academic excellence.

Improve your sleep hygiene Proper sleep is one thing that is often put on the back burner but there are significant consequences when you don't get quality sleep. Our bodies and brains use a enormous amount of energy throughout the day while speaking, moving, and thinking so it only makes sense that we must participate in a period of rest. While we are sleeping, our bodies go through complex mechanisms to get us prepared for the next day. During sleep, our body's cells are re-energized and metabolic waste is cleared from the brain. More importantly, quality sleep supports learning and memory which is crucial to excel in school.

Practice organization skills With the Christmas break approaching, now is a good time to start practicing better organizational skills. Small changes during the break can have a big impact over for the rest of the school year. Set a goal to keep a clean environment for yourself, such as, keeping your room clean or helping to clean up after dinner. Reflect back on the semester for areas of improvement so you can formulate a daily, weekly and/or monthly checklist to ensure you have the most successful semester.

Talk to someone Sometimes we are the biggest obstacles to reaching our goals. If it feels like negative self-talk, low motivation, or anxiety is keeping you from performing your best, speak to a licensed professional therapist to figure out ways to disrupt the cycle. There are various types of therapy (CBT, DBT, etc.) so do some research to determine which therapy may be the best fit for you and your goals.

Get a nutritional consultation Without the proper foods, your brain and body can't function the most effectively. A lack of vital nutrients can lead to daytime lethargy, inability to focus, and slower processing speed. Most of us have been taught to follow the food pyramid but sometimes that isn't enough. It is most beneficial to speak with a nutrition specialist in order to get on a specialized program that will get your brain in good working order again!

Try brain training Neurofeedback brain training is a great non-invasive option that complements the previous ways mentioned. It is a new form of biohacking for improved performance. Brain training uses computer technology to determine which areas of the brain that may be underactive or overactive. Once this information is mapped out, the neurotherapist is able to use neurofeedback brain training equipment to teach the brain to regulate itself through a process called neuroplasticity. Brain training has been beneficial in improving focus, decreasing test anxiety, and improving sleep quality.

If you feel like you need to get ahead before the next semester, give us a call at (703) 828-7282 and we will help you get on the right track!

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