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Peak Performance Brain Training

Have you ever wished that you could be a little sharper in the boardroom, take your athletic game to that peak level, or master that complex musical piece faster?

There was a popular movie titled Limitless where the protagonist takes a pill and it enhances all of his abilities. It was like his brain was on steroids…literally. What if I told you that there is a way to enhance your executive functioning and physical IQ without the dire consequences from the Hollywood flick?

Neurofeedback for peak performance is the next wave of “bio-hacking”. It has shown great results as a clinical device that now people are using it for career, academic, and athletic enhancement. Over the last few years, many professional athletes have used it to get that elite focus (“in the zone”) mindstate. CEOs use it for better organization, memory, and to increase mental efficiency.

The peak performance brain training process starts with a qEEG (brain map) in order to personalize each client’s program with their goals. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive intervention that strengthens areas of the brain that may be underperforming or overperforming. Think of it as personal training for your brain.

Give us a call at 703-712-7809 and we will set you up with your own specialized program!

Peak Performance Brain Training: Service
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