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Amy Wu, M.S., LMFT-R

Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy

Whether you want to prioritize your mental health or work on relational issues - having a nonjudgmental and supportive safe space can open the door to potential change and growth. I believe healing from within, starts with compassion and feeling seen. When clients are willing to learn and explore beneath the surface of their day-to-day living, they open up new ways to better connect with themselves and their loved ones.

I use a collaborative, warm, and mindfulness approach to therapy. I specialize in helping couples to improve communication, renew connection, express needs, repair emotional distance, and dissolve misunderstandings. Depending on clients’ needs, therapy can look like providing insights into relational patterns, building skills and tools, improving mental health habits, and exploring impactful past experiences. I am also trained in EMDR for processing distressing events. As a culturally inclusive, trauma-informed, and evidenced-based provider, I am here to support your wellness and the health of your relationships.

Witnessing the commitment and courage of my clients is an honor, and I take great care and effort in getting to know you and your experiences. I am happy to offer a 15-minute phone consultation to see if we may be a good fit!

Amy Wu, M.S., LMFT-R: Team Members
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