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Alex Shinkarovsky

Health and Accountability Coach

My focus as a coach is to help people adjust their lifestyle using data as a guide to be accountable. I focus directly on sleep, food, movement, daily habits and even career management, guiding my clients to adopt a 1% better daily mindset.  We measure change using wearable devices, blood tests, physiological measurements and biometrics.  My professional background includes business development and analytical work with hedge funds and health-tech startups.  I am also the host of the Green Pill Health podcast.  My education includes multiple certifications in fitness and a certificate in Advanced Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice from the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).

My journey in understanding the determinants of human health first required me to heal my own issues. Being a child of immigrants, raised in an upper-middle-class household,  I have a funny mix of innate ambition and comfort - like a lot of my clients. With that said, my mom was mentally ill and passed away when I was 17, and as a consequence, I grew up in a house with a lot of trauma and anxiety, with resulting stomach pain, sleep issues and emotional distress. To heal, psychotherapy and even pharmacology has helped, a lot.  However, for some people, one hour of therapy cannot fully touch on the day-to-day actions needed to have good days. Trying to solve my health issues, I learned that most of life is lived in the mundane - movement, sunlight, sleep, work, eating.  Many of us really compromise one or many of these because of work or family stressors, and these little decisions really add up.

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