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William Solomon, BS

Graduate Student Intern

William is a counseling student who received his Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing his Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Messiah University*. William became interested in counseling after seeing the prominent mental health struggles of the people around him. Not being able to do much at the time, William began studying counseling so he could be of help to those with mental health issues in his community.

William is well versed in a variety of counseling techniques that can be used to provide therapy for people struggling with anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, and many other mental health issues. If you find yourself weighed down by the stresses of life, William is more than ready to work alongside you to address those problems and find beneficial solutions. 

*William is currently in a Master's program and is obtaining clinical hours towards graduation and licensure, sessions with William are $45/session