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KaRon Wilson, LCPC, NCC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor

We all need a space to discuss and process life issues, the dark areas that are kept hidden from others, and how they keep us from living meaningful and purposeful lives. In our partnership, I provide you with the safe space to process these concerns and develop and implement the solutions you need to change the trajectory of your life.

In individual therapy, you can expect to learn how to identify and manage your emotions, how to use effective copings skills to work through stress, and how to use your strengths and skills to identify and illuminate stuck points, process their origins, and constructively find a resolve that allows you to press forward in life.

My success with moving through my own stuck points came from my willingness to be honest, vulnerable, and transparent with my support system. In other words, I stepped and live outside of my comfort zone and this is what I ask of you. Be willing to leave your comfort zone. Be honest, transparent, and vulnerable as we partner to build and reclaim your life.

KaRon Wilson, LCPC, NCC: Team Members
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