Max McClain, CNC, GEI

Health Coach
NASM - Certified Nutrition Coach
ACSM Certified Group Fitness Instructior CF-L1

Coach Max in a nutshell: Optimistic, energetic, motivator/influencer, leader, charismatic. These are all buzzwords I’ve heard in the past and necessary traits to have in order to help others make a change. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Health and Human Science at Bridgewater College. Following graduation, I immediately entered the health field and began helping others improve their quality of life through fitness and nutrition counseling. I’ve always been considered a leader and leading by example is what keeps the momentum going! Coincidentally, when I am away from training/coaching, I enjoy working on my own physical goals. All the way from consuming the proper macronutrients for energy to strengthening the muscular system — I find it amusing how the body responds to the food we eat and the physical stress placed on it. I have been a competitive Crossfit athlete for over 6 years and till this day, continue to strive for higher performance. It wasn’t until I focused on my nutrition that my health took a turn for the better! Running became easier, lifting heavier weights seemed tireless, and of course my aesthetics improved. That’s the beauty of taking care of your body - you’ll be surprised by the work that can be accomplished through positive lifestyle choices. 

What does it mean to be healthy? 

This has been a controversial topic for decades but let’s keep it simple. With health being multidimensional, my goal is to help clients understand the 5 health related fitness components: Cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and body composition. Our bodies are designed to go the extra mile but this can easily be hindered by our sedentary lifestyles. We will work together to improve every aspect of health and will enjoy the results from our endeavors. The endless amount of fitness and nutrition regimes on the internet gives little hope and guidance to its viewers, but through our practice...we can achieve the goals we set in a timely manner. 

I hope we cross paths and enjoy a life of strong health and happiness with each other.


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