Adrian Flemming, CHC

ACE Certified Health Coach

Hi! My name is Adrian Flemming and I am a health coach at Mindstate. I received my education from Syracuse University, while also being a student athlete for the football team as a wide receiver. I obtained a certification in health coaching from ACE fitness with the goal in mind to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. We will become partners in your journey to a healthier lifestyle but you’re the expert on your own body. I am just here to guide you through these life changes while assisting and providing input where needed.

Often an active person, my health coaching journey started by wanting to help my friends and family gain or maintain an active lifestyle. I would create specific workout and diet plans for each person I was helping. Soon after, I started a Health Coaching program to become a Certified Health Coach and actually started helping my community as well. Mindstate Wellness Center is the place where I am able to help my community with valuable training techniques and effective behavior change methodologies. Join us in the pursuit for a better and healthier you!